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We can help you apply for asylum, whether you are arriving or are already physically present in the United States. To apply for asylum n the United States, you can do so at the port of entry, or if you are already in the United States, by submitting a Form I-589, Application for Asylum Withholding of Removal, at the appropriate service center. You can apply for asylum regardless of your immigration status, or whether you are here legally or illegally.

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Asylum with Court or USCIS

Avoid Deportation with Asylum

You must apply for asylum wihtin one year of your last arrival in the United States, unless you can show that there was a change in your circumstances that significantly affect your eligibility for asylum or that there are extraordinary circumstances that are directly related to your failure to file your asylum application within the year. 

An immigration judge will have to examine your case before they can order a deportation. Likewise a removal order cannot be issued before an officer determines your case and completes an interview with you and your family. It is important that you apply for asylum before the year and in the correct forum.

Asylum For Minors

Those who entered the United States under the age of 18 and unaccompanied can apply for asylum in two ways. They must apply in the same way as an adult, but they must apply directly with the USCIS asylum office closest to their home address.

Minors under the age of 18 can ask to have a separate case from their parents. To be considered an unaccompanied minor, the minor must not have parents or legal guardians in the United States or at the time they entered the country. 

Application Process

Know Your Rights

It is important that you know what your rights are when applying for asylum. You can apply for asylum even if you do not have legal status in the United States. You will also be eligible to receive a work permit after 180 days of applying for asylum. Your family can be included in your asylum application and you can get your own work permit. You can appeal any decision if your request is denied. you will also have the option of obtaining residency after one year of receiving asylum. 


Apply For Asylum

It is important that you apply for asylum within a year of entering the United States and with the correct forum. 


Work Permit

You can apply for a work permit AFTER you have applied for asylum. No earlier than 180 days after submitting your application. 


Attend your Interview

In court, or with USCIS officers, depending on where you are applying for asylum. It is important that you keep all appointments related to your case. 

You Are Not Alone

Our Professional Services Include:

We accompany you and your family from the first step in your case. We start with applying for asylum and also explore other immigration benefits for which you may be eligible. 

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