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Sponsor Your Family with USCIS

American Citizens and Permanent Resident s(LPR) can sponsor their family members to obtain a Green Card. the process of sponsoring a foreign relative to immigrant to the United States (living and working in the country) begins with a Petition for Alien Relative. 

The sponsor must prove that they can financially support the beneficiary (family member who is going to immigrate) during the petition process. The alien must be eligible to obtain residency. 

The process of Sponsoring a Family Member can be long and complicated. It is important that they are aware of changes regarding Public Charge, Criminal Records, and Exclusions or Deportations of the family member. 

For family members who are abroad or entered the United states without inspection, they will have their interview in their native country and will not be able to enter the or reenter the United States before being approved. in certain cases a WAIVER WILL BE NECESSARY.

For family members who entered with inspection or permission, it is possible that the process can be carried out with ADJUSTMENT OF STATUS.


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