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Foreigners living in the US can only work if they have authorization. In fact, the employee and the employer can be sanctioned if they hire foreigners without authorization to work. 

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Visas & Permits


Certain visas by their nature implicitly have work authorization and it is not required to apply for a work permit. That is, the visa acts like a work permit. Those who have a “Green Card”, that is, a resident, automatically have permission to work in the United states. Those in the United States on a work visa sponsored by a United States employer can also work without the need to request a separate work authorization. Examples of these types of visas are H-1B (for professionals or specialized jobs), L-1 (for internal transfers of a company), or Investor Visa.

Work Authorization

There are different kinds of people who can apply for a “work permit” before they can work. They can only accept a job after they have applied for an received permission, not before (not while pending). The work permit looks like a driver’s license or a consular reigistration. It is issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Action Plan

Request A Permit

To apply for a work permit, you must fill out a form (Form I-765) and attach documentation showing the category for which the work permit is being requested. Depending on the category, a check or money order covering the cost of the application must also be attached. The fee for this app is updated almost annually, and there are certain categories that have the ability to request a fee waiver. 


Visa or Work Permit

Determine if you qualify for a visa or a work permit



File your petition with USCIS, you will need supporting documents


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The work permit is the first step towards a better future

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